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UK Regulation of PayPal

UK Regulation of PayPal

Currently UK PayPal users are not protected by the UK FSA as PayPal is governed in Luxemburg, meaning that UK consumers are not protected and sorting a resolution to account issues and financial matters takes way to long and usually to the detriment of the UK consumer / customer.
PayPal can hold on to your money without giving a full justification and or advising how to release it for at least 6 months sometimes years, they can change and share your account information with no repercussions although they say they abide by EU & UK law there is no one in place here in the UK that can hold them accountable so they continue to operate this way sticking two figures up at us the UK people
We need appropriate governance of PayPal in the UK, including how they manage and hold our money, and how they communicate with customers

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Effectively PayPal can do what they like including holding on to your money for 6 months and or associating your account to someone else’s without sufficient evidence to do so, the only way to challenge PayPal in the UK is via the financial ombudsman after 8weeks but only in relation to PayPal's terms and conditions not in relation to unethical practices and data protection breaches.

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