To: Northumberland County Council

Urgent please help to save The Railway Inn Fourstones

Urgent please help to save The Railway Inn Fourstones

Please don't allow the Railway Inn at Fourstones to be converted to a dwelling - the community need the pub and with the right management and commitment it is a viable business - save it and the community will use it !

Why is this important?

This is our village pub, its been neglected by a succession of owners - I understand the community and others have offered to buy the pub, its a community asset that we all want to keep. There has been little done to make this into a viable going concern, but the current owner has applied to have it converted into a house. Was this the intent all along ? Does this sound familiar ? Run the pub down, then covert it into a house and sell it at a profit ?. We need your help to stop this - please log on to Northumberland County Council Planning Website and make your voice heard against Planning No: 17/01323/FUL

Fourstones, Hexham

Reasons for signing

  • Many a good night in there, every village needs its hub and this is the perfect place.
  • Fourstones is a small village that needs a focal point for the community. The same thing happened in Catton recently but the pub was fortunately bought and is now a thriving business that brings visitors to the village as well as providing a meeting place for residents.
  • I grew up in Fourstones and have a memory or few from this pub, having a local pub is very important in a community.


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