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To: Prime Minister

Value Junior Doctors and all NHS Staff

Value Junior Doctors and all NHS Staff

We the undersigned believe that the constant attacks on Junior Doctors by the Department of Health in the media is doing untold damage to the future of Medicine and the NHS in this country.

Junior Doctors are asking for a contract that is fair and safe for them and their patients. We do not believe that this should be used as a vehicle to attack and vilify frontline NHS staff.

The Government need to remove the imposition of this contract and provide the concrete assurances that the Junior Doctors are seeking

Why is this important?

If this contract is imposed there is a significant chance that doctors and medical students will be pushed out of the NHS. The resulting brain drain will be catastrophic for the UK and the NHS


Reasons for signing

  • I have aspired to be a doctor ever since I was 6 years old. I want to enter a career that pushes me to succeed, not drags me down to fail.
  • 37000 junior doctors can't be wrong, it is the government - sort it out.
  • I blame you. I support the Junior Doctors


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