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To: Robert Goodwill MP, Minister of State for Immigration

Visa for british boy's mummy

Enforce the Home Office to abide by the First-Tier Tribunal's ruling to issue a visa to Mary Zu

Why is this important?

A family has been torn apart for the past 11 months because of the UKVI / Home Office's refusal to abide by a judge's decision that his mum should be granted a visa.
A 3 year-old British boy has been shared between his mum in China and his dad in the UK. This is having a detrimental effect on him, he is confused and upset and needs a stable family unit, which was supported by the tribunal judge, who was also fully satisfied that this applicant meets all of the UK Visas and Immigrations requirements for a spouse's visa with a right to a family life in the UK.
The Home Office claims that the appeal was abandoned when Mary returned to China whilst the appeal was pending, however, the tribunal permitted the hearing to proceed after Mary submitted a request to them for her husband to represent her.

United Kingdom

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