To: Mayor of London

Support this system to reuse empty buildings

Support this system to reuse empty buildings

We want to see a system adopted that makes it easier for councils, community groups and landlords to collaborate in the temporary use of empty buildings.

Why is this important?

We're told to recycle every tin can, banana skin and plastic bottle we use - yet there are thousands of empty buildings in London and the UK, tons of wasted materials and thousands of people with spare time and skills that could easily be used by local groups and organisations to tackle local problems.

Problems such as:
Austerity cuts
Rising prices
Lack of creative space
Closure of public spaces and venues
Energy and food waste
Social issues like community cohesion and access to facilities
A lack of creative space

In difficult circumstances a bit of space and time to create solutions can make all the difference.

The Hive Dalston has proved that empty buildings and wasted resources can be brought together intelligently to help make a real difference to people's lives. Now we want to help create a system that encourages other groups to try the same solutions. This system encourages easier access to recycling really important things in our environment - like skills in the community and wasted spaces.

The Respace Classification is a simple rule change in planning law that allows small community groups and social organisations to have an opportunity to use these buildings for virtually no cost. This new system is proven to benefit councils, landlords, businesses and local communities.

At The Hive Dalston - in under a year - we've seen over 4000 people, held 17 art exhibitions, numerous performance, environmental, political and cultural events and helped about 50 local charities. We've enabled people to start businesses and even had a skatepark! We've helped the council by delivering services it can't and we've earned an extension of our tenancy from our landlord.

Watch a short video introduction to The Hive:

The Hive is the blueprint for a system of reuse called "Holistic Urban Regeneration", that benefits councils, landlords, developers, businesses and communities together - discussed in more detail in Radio 4 Documentary, "A Waste of Space".

Watch a short video of our recent conference and hustings where ALL the mayoral parties agree to support the petition:

Please lend your voice to that support so that we can help create hundreds of Hives and similar projects in areas of need all over the country. The Respace Classification will help make this a reality.

Sign our petition and join a growing movement to start to fix our broken Britain ourselves.

For more detailed information about the classification - check our webpage:

Thank you and please take a moment to sign ...

How it will be delivered

The campaign is aimed at the Mayor of London and had cross party mayoral support at the recent Respace Conference, but rather than leave the work to City Hall - which will take time - we're already respacing several buildings in and around London.

Help us strengthen our network by adding your signature and sharing the campaign with people who want to be more than ink on paper; people who can help us build the infrastructure necessary to implement this new system of reusing empty buildings.


Reasons for signing

  • I've seen plenty of this in Sheffield. On building in particular has been derelict for over twenty years, it has been vandalised, used by drug takers & is a blight to visitors & locals alike. This building I believe, is owned by a London based company who probably forgot about it years ago!
  • Innovative initiatives like this one are what will bring the capital to life for millions of people currently marginalised by a dysfunctional housing market dominated by big players who do not have any view on the big picture.
  • Lack of affordable space in London


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