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To: The Oil and Gas authority

We call on the Oil and Gas authority to strip Cnr of their operators licence for the Ninian South

We call on the Oil and Gas authority to exert some power and prove to the offshore workforce and the UK that their not just another toothless tiger.

Why is this important?

Asset integrity is important right? That's what they tell us isn't it?

We the undersigned call to
Strip CNR of the operator licence they hold for the Ninian Southern platform

During the recent abandonment of the south this highlighted Cnr's inadequate management skills for operating the platform and therefore we believe they should be stripped of their licence before something worse happens.

They took a chance in the winter on a steel frame jacket fault that caught them out and for a first time in the UKCS a platform was fully abandoned in these circumstances. An example now needs made by the authorities to show big oil that lives cannot be risked in the hope of chasing more oil and Milking Every Resource . Please sign, share, get all your family, members,workmates and union members and people that actually give a dam to support this


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