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To: The Sun Newspaper

We demand an apology to Jeremy Corbyn from the Sun.

We demand an apology to Jeremy Corbyn from the Sun.

We the undersigned demand that the Sun newspaper issue an apology to the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn for criticising him on the front page of their issue dated 09/11/15 in which they accuse him of not bowing at the Cenotaph yesterday. Video evidence clearly shows him bowing although it is small but respectful.

Why is this important?

The mass media are conducting a campaign against the personality of Jeremy Corbyn. Because Jeremy is such a prominent person in politics he is likely to receive much criticism from his opponents. But this should only be against his policies and not him as a person. What makes this case even worse is that the press have got it so very wrong as video evidence shows.

Reasons for signing

  • Jeremy Corbyn is a man of honor & decency in opposite to the slimy characters who make a living from fabricating all these lies!!!
  • He's a peace loving man ... this 'news'papers insinuations are absurd x
  • They are liars,JC is not.


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