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To: Kent County Council - Planning Applications Group

We oppose exploratory drilling for coal bed methane in East Kent

We oppose exploratory drilling for coal bed methane in East Kent

Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd have withdrawn three planning applications for test bores at sites near the villages of Guston, Shepherdswell and Tilmanstone in the the Dover District.

Kent County Council have informed East Kent Against Fracking that they expect Coastal to submit new planning applications in the near future. We urge the Kent County Council Planning Committee to reject any future applications for exploratory drilling for coal bed methane in the Dover District.

Why is this important?

We know that even exploratory drilling will constitute a high risk to our water, our environment, our health, our wildlife as well as involving a heavy lorry traffic and noise pollution and the processing of toxic water pumped out of the coal seams.

Drilling will also threaten our buildings with partial subsidence, if these applications are successful they will pave the way to the industrialisation of our countryside.

How it will be delivered

East Kent Against Fracking will email or deliver in person to Kent County Council and we will issue a press release.

The deadline to return the petition is 31/12/15 please don't leave it until the last minute to sign and share the petition!

This petition can be signed by anyone with a UK postcode.

Dover District, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Signing this petition because I care about the area I live in and the health of the people who live in it. Protecting our water supply, environment and economic balance makes sense for future generations.
  • This industry has been proven not to be SAFE! Ask people affected in USA, Canada and Australia. We like our water non-inflammable. FRACK OFF
  • "Balcombe MP Francis Maude appointed Lord Browne, a director of Cuadrilla Resource Holdings Ltd, to the Cabinet Office in June 2010. The Cuadrilla executive ‘works closely‘ with the cabinet office board, chaired by Maude, in his role as ‘lead non-executive’.’" FACTS


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