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To: Rob Stewart The leader of Swansea Council

Welcome 20 Syrian families in Swansea

We want him to accept 20 Syrian families to come and settle in Swansea City.

Why is this important?

This is very important because the situation in Syria is disastrous and the number of people who are killed and dispersed is similar to the second world war.

Britain generally, Wales and Swansea specifically has along and proud tradition of providing refuge at times of crisis.

EU countries have agreed on a quota of 60,000 Syrian refugees to be accepted in each country. Germany has taken 30,000 so far. Where are we in this? Only 187 Syrian people has been accepted so far.

People there are killed by three large armies. The government army supplied by Russian artillery, the Isis terrorists groups, and also the American warplanes which is targeting civilian's area anonymously in its search for the Isis and killing the innocent civilians who live there. Most refugees have witnessed horrific violence and many have seen their homes destroyed by bombs or have lost family members.

Thousands of Syrians flee their country every day. They often decide to finally escape after seeing their neighbourhoods bombed or family members killed. For all the reasons mentioned above we have to take part in welcoming the most vulnerable refugees in the word, of which the Syrians make the largest part of.

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