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To: Argyll and Bute Council

Work With Us Argyll and Bute Council - Bring back the Youth of Scotland to Castle Toward

Work With Us Argyll and Bute Council - Bring back the Youth of Scotland to Castle Toward

Castle Toward on the Cowal peninsula, Argyll, has been a home to the arts as well as outdoor education for over sixty years. Some of the greatest Scottish names in music and art were amongst the 400,000 young people who were inspired there and graced it's beautiful corridors. Through the auspices of an enlightened Glasgow City Council that purchased the estate in 1947, it housed residential courses in Art and Music, indoor and outdoor education, for inner-city Glasgow children.

Why is this important?

This campaign is now calling for the present owner of Castle Toward, Argyll & Bute Council, to protect this treasured Scottish icon from development. We want and seek to work together to restore the Castle, to be the flourishing hub for youth arts and sport that it once was. This campaign will demonstrate that within the ethos of Culture for Life, this project can attract funding from Scotland, the UK and further afield.
From renowned conductor Sir Simon Rattle to Andy Scott, sculptor of the world famous Kelpies, our campaign has united more than 100 artists, musicians, and actors to tell personal stories of how their time at Castle Toward proved career defining.

This new and independent campaign is not aligned with any political interest or previous activity. Its aims are simply to bring prosperity, increased visitor footfall, credit and artistic prominence to Argyll and Bute.
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How it will be delivered

We will email all signatures to Argyll and Bute Council.

Reasons for signing

  • Great memories.of the Toward art course for Glasgow pupils in the summers of 63 & 64. A good preparation for Glasgow School of Art where students painted in those days
  • I derived a huge amount of confidence from the Glasgow Schools First Orchestra course held there in 1972 ( and from the 2nd Orchestra courses held in Saltcoats Secondary School, Rothesay Academy and Stranraer High School in 1969, 1970 and 1971 respectiely. I've remained a keen member of amateur orchestras ever since. This has greatly enriched my life.
  • I learnt so much from my time in the Glasgow Schools' Orchestra.


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