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To: West Berkshire Council

Zebra crossing for Pangbourne school children and residents

Zebra crossing for Pangbourne school children and residents

Install a zebra crossing directly outside the school on the Reading road, crossing from the school side to the “Purley rise” side of the road.

Why is this important?

Pangbourne school children urgently require a Zebra crossing outside Pangbourne Primary School. Since the lollipop lady lost her funding, the residents of Pangbourne, desperately need a safe crossing for our children on their way to school.

It is a fast 30 mph zone outside the school and cars rarely stop to allow children to cross safely. We feel it is only a matter of time before an awful accident occurs involving a child and a vehicle and this could be easily avoided by installing a zebra crossing. There is a traffic island further down the road but this is not sufficient as cars do not often stop for people, leaving children, families, and often large groups stranded in the middle of the road while cars whizz by.

It is not a safe situation for anyone. And it's especially unsafe for children, the disabled, the elderly & families with young children and buggies.

Pangbourne, Reading

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Reasons for signing

  • Very short sighted ‘saving’ without any consideration of children’s safety
  • Children deserve to be safe, in an environment of careless drivers, and stupid speeders
  • Clearly, yet another ''austerity measure' has put lives at risk. A safe crossing should be installed without delay, and the crossing controller re-instated. Government cuts cost lives.


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