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To: UK Government/DWP

End the archaic and oppressive regime of sanctions at DWP

No person in our age of wealth should be under threat of absolute destitution and ruination, particularly at the whim of unelected minor authority figures working within job centre plus. It's my assertion that this repressive and oppressive step has been taken without mandate, as the government is a loose coalition and only 23% of eligible voters voted Conservative.

It's my opinion that the draconian use of these powers is in fact an abuse and is in contravention of the UN declaration of human rights. It is with complete astonishment that a government has ruthlessly pursued its agenda of removing the welfare state and safety net as a political ideology and has done no risk or impact assessments what so ever...please support this call to end the suffering of people being held responsible for a financial crisis they did not create or contribute to. Many thanks.

Why is this important?

It's a matter of principles in belief and defense of the last remnants of the welfare state of which a slow and deliberate attempt has been made to eliminate to the benefit of nobody in society. It's also in contradiction of human rights legislation recognized on an international basis...




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