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To: knowsley council

keep our lollipop man

keep our lollipop man

Keep our lollipop man on Childwall Lane, Liverpool.

This is a really dangerous crossing with cars coming out of the tunnel too fast and on a blind corner. It is a major crossing point for a lot of people.

Why is this important?

Safety for our children.
Alan has become well known and liked by both children and adults alike, he always has a friendly smile and a wave to give weather you are walking or driving to school.
He provides a much needed service at a crucial crossing point, with a much needed smile come morning and night.

It is my personal experience that I am unable to cross my 2 young children across the road as there is no dropped curb, I have to use a mobility scooter to take my children to school and have to go onto the road to be able to get on and off the path, Alan safely crosses my children for me and the proceeds to aid in my crossing too.

How it will be delivered

To the council

Childwall Lane, Liverpool L14

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Reasons for signing

  • There has been a Lollipop lady/man there as far as I can remember back to the early 70's. It is much needed especially with 4 directions of traffic converging on that particular crossing, one being cars flying blindly through that tunnel. Don't be daft Knowsley Council.
  • The lollipop men and women of Liverpool are there for a very good reason, the roads they help children across are often wide, more than one lane, and where drivers all drive over the speed limit. To remove these helpful people will result in the deaths of children, and will impact on disabled parents who rely on them to get their children to school. A rediculous way to save a few pounds, but children don't vote so they don't count to the administration. Stop these cuts NOW
  • There has been a lollipop person at the crossing for over 40 is actually the main crossing for children attending Malvern school . The tunnel that is about 20 yards away from the crossing is a blind exit and a high volume of cars come through at a fast speed!!! We need this crossing to be maintained ! We want our children and grownups to go to and from school safely!!!!! Please keep our crossing!


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2014-09-23 10:03:08 +0100

He has been told it will be the second week of next month that he will be going so we need to act now.

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