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  • Care From Home Agencies
    My Mum suffers from Dementia and the Care From Home Agency employ some young inexperienced carers. I would like legislation to stop Care Agencies from employing inexperienced carers.
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    Created by Paul Juhasz
  • Save Frenchay Community Hospital
    In 2005, it was decided that an new acute hospital be built at Southmead together with a community hospital on the Frenchay site. The new hospital has only 800 beds where once there were 1400 beds: we have high and increasing numbers of frail and elderly residents, many with dementia: there are to be 28,000 new dwellings in the near future. Southmead is unable to discharge patients after treatment because there is no appropriate facility for them due to the lack of a community hospital at Frenchay and it cannot achieve a patient flow through Southmead because of these issues.
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    Created by Barbara Harris
  • Make Child Protection services accountable
    Families are being let down very badly in court because of the aggressive tactics employed by some in child protection in order to achieve a particular outcome. The wronged parent is left in a hopeless position to defend themselves, since there is no record, and making accusations of false or misleading reports leads to the victim being open to charges of paranoia or dishonesty, further weakening their position in court.
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    Created by Flora Griffin
  • Discrimination of Single People
    People have to face travelling on their own, after they have perhaps lost a loved one and why should they have to pay all this extra money for being on their own. I could see the point if they were given a twin or double room, but not for some of the so called single rooms available. The single supplements for abroad are even more horrendous.
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    Created by Fiona Clark Picture
  • stopping companies starting new companies when they have become bankrupt
    Because 7 months ago a company I worked for called Griffin Place Communications used a loophole in the law to set up a Telesales Communication's Company in my deprived neighbourhood , taking full advantage of the Welsh Government's grants that were on offer which totalled £600.000 and then went bankrupt leaving 120 of us without pay and destitute while they and then set up a new Telesales Communication's Company in another Welsh town just up the road from us.
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    Created by Judith Davies Davies
    Cymmer is a small community in Port Talbot where there is a swimming pool that 5other communities also use. It is great to keep kids and adults alike fit and healthy. There is not much else in this area to keep kids fit and healthy. The local government complain about kids being obese and unhealthy yet they are going to close the only facility that can help tackle this problem the local schools within a 8 mile radius use this facility for recreational use. My daughter and friends would be devasted if this pool closed. There is an action group set up to keep the pool open that will be be run by the community. Please please help me and thousands of other children and parents keep this pool open.
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    Created by lee tompkins Picture