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To: Halton Borough Council Leader Cllr. Rob Polhill

11am Remembrance in Runcorn

11am Remembrance in Runcorn

Runcorn wants an 11 am Remembrance silence and not a 3 pm silence on Remembrance Sunday.

Why is this important?

Halton Borough Council controls two towns, Runcorn and Widnes.
Every Remembrance Sunday the Council hold a Remembrance service in Widnes at 11 am.
But in Runcorn it's 3 pm. They refuse a 11 am Remembrance silence in Runcorn. This is an insult to those who gave their all for our Country.

Runcorn must be the only place in the UK on Remembrance Sunday when the Remembrance silence is held at 3 pm and not 11 am when the guns fell silent. This is an insult to those who gave their all for our freedom. Halton Borough Council should be made to stand


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