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To: Glencaple Community

Support for a 20mph zone - Glencaple village

Support a 20mph zone in Glencaple village.

All village entry speed signs to be moved further back. This will provide traffic with an early warning and give drivers time to slow.

Why is this important?

Our wee dog (Dougal) was killed on the road here on Saturday 23 June 2018. I’m not blaming the driver, I blame myself for not securing the garden to the correct standard. However, I do strongly propose a lower speed limit.

There are no pavements for several metres along Church Street, this and the fact there is a school on the same street concerns me with regards to the 30mph limit. This is too fast to stop in time if a child should suddenly run on to the road.

I would be happy to pay a contribution towards the signs, I’m sure other parents in the village will feel the same. We have excess of 14 children now independently walking, cycling or on scooters each day around this wee village.

Let's make this happen.
Glencaple, Dumfries DG1 4QX

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