To: Essex Highways

30mph Speed Limit In Hare Green, Great Bromley

30mph Speed Limit In Hare Green, Great Bromley

The residents of Great Bromley request that a 30mph speed limit be introduced along the Harwich Road in Hare Green, Great Bromley

Why is this important?

Speeding along the Harwich Road has become more and more a problem with a number of motorists exceeding the existing 40mph limit, as proven by our Community Speedwatch Team. Vehicles pulling out of side roads and pedestrians attempting to cross the road are all at risk.

Great Bromley

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Reasons for signing

  • My kids go for walks and play on the playing field the lorrys:bikes:cars speed through at dangerous speeds
  • our dog/kidswon't walk along pavement the speed traffic passes is frightening they all have to go via playing field as pavement isdangerous vehicles roar thru@sillyspeeds get very aggressive suffer road rage if u drive at speed limit. Often overtaking desperate to passThey also get very anti when we slow down turn into our drive to houses how noones been killed yet amazes me this reduction in limit its enforcement is long overdue-village is used by commuters as a cut through


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