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To: women over 50

50+ women being crucified by the new pension rules

50+ women being crucified by the new pension rules

Dear Minister,
This is a call to make a statement to the Country on behalf of a minority of women whose voice has not been heard in regard to changes in pension payment for women.There are many women who find themselves in the same situation as myself at the age of 58 who have not been given the opportunity to prepare for such a major change in pension rights for women. Having worked for over 40 years and contributed greatly to the state I and others find myself in a position whereby we have been dumped with this decision where no consideration has been given to the impact on our lives and the financial difficulties that will inevitably arise. Many women have finalised divorce settlements and other financial arrangements on the proviso that a state pension would be payable at age 60. We would ask you to consider a staged payment scheme for women in this position.

Why is this important?

This is an important issue whereby many women over the age of 55 particularly will suffer financial hardship through no fault of their own. There has been no proper planning or compensation considered for or this small minority of women which will suffer as a result. Many women over 50 find themselves living alone and had always expected to retire with a state pension at 60. The new legislation has not given woman a fair enough amount of time to prepare for such a major financial disruption to their lives.

Reasons for signing

  • I am in a really bad position now and am currently looking into the posibility of drawing down my pension to keep me going for the extra years. I looked after people all my life as well as working and am left with nothing since my Mother died 2 years ago. Savings are the only I have.
  • present legislation disgusts me
  • I have worked all my life, paid my dues. Now I have to work an extra 6 years. Disgraceful.


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