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To: UK Prime Minister

Calling for a new UK bank holiday to celebrate under 25s

Calling for a new UK bank holiday to celebrate under 25s

The Mix, the UK digital charity which provides support to under 25s, is campaigning to make International Youth Day, on 13th August 2018, the first bank holiday to celebrate young people's achievements, their potential and contributions to society.

Why is this important?

At The Mix, we know that under 25s are extremely talented, and care passionately about the world around them. We are privileged, through our work, to witness first-hand the strength and resilience of young people every day. It's important that as a society we embrace young people from all backgrounds, and nurture their potential as ultimately, they are the future of our country.

Often the media narrative around young people can be very negative, focusing on crime, unemployment, or unattainable housing. We hope that a dedicated bank holiday will help to change the narrative around Generation Z into a positive one - STRONG and RESILIENT.

In 2018, International Youth Day will come of age and celebrate its 18th anniversary. At The Mix we believe this anniversary is the perfect time to show our appreciation to the youngest members of our society.

This petition is part of The Mix's #Stronger campaign, which aims to give under 25s the platform to tell their story and not be defined by mainstream media. Learn more about the #Stronger campaign here:

Watch Solomon's story - sometimes strength is knowing when to ask for help:

How it will be delivered

We aim to reach 100,000 signatures to see the petition debated in Parliament.

The Mix reaches over 2 million young people a year and supports on a number of issues from mental health to homelessness. To help us to continue this work please get involved by either volunteering with us or by donation

If you would like to talk to us about supporting The Mix, get in touch [email protected]

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Reasons for signing

  • Yep a welcome antidote to negative portrayal of young people.
  • I signed the petition because i think it's important that we celebrate young people and their achievements. Being a young person in this society i feel we aren't recognized for our achievements globally.


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