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To: Highways England & Dr Andrew Murrison MP

A Bypass for West Wiltshire

Invest and build a bypass for Westbury and Trowbridge Towns and for the affected villages, including Seend, Southwick, North Bradley and Yarnbrook. This would effectively create a proper North - South commercially viable corridor between the M4 and the South Coast, eliminating the need to divert heavy traffic through Wiltshire's town's and villages.

Why is this important?

With increased traffic volumes caused from large-scale urban developments, the Clean Air Zone proposal for Bath, increased HGV traffic in relation to HS2 works and now the proposed ATT Incinerator Plant at Westbury, there is now an urgent need to strategically consider a commercially and environmentally viable bypass for West Wiltshire. Investment in a North-South connecting roadway is totally warranted and would significantly reduce the adverse impacts that increased traffic volumes are bringing to West Wiltshire. A bypass is needed now!


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