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To: Bob Neil - MP

A fine on unwanted sexual attention on the streets

Placing a fine on unwanted sexual attention like wolf whistling, deliberately and obviously beeping a car horn at a pedestrian and slowing down in vehicles to sexually intimidate a pedestrian. An even tougher fine to be placed on someone who gives unwanted sexual attention to a child in school uniform.

Why is this important?

It is important because this kind of behaviour needs to be stopped asit is disgusting, unnecessary and intimidates and frightens those who are victims of it. It dters me from walking places on my own because of how disturbing this kind of behaviour is to me. In particular, me and many other girls I know have been victim of wolf whistling and unwanted vehicle horn beeping whilst walking home from school - very obviously underage in our school uniforms.


2019-05-26 22:55:04 +0100

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