To: The Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

A vote of no Confidence in the Conservative Party running the UK

A vote of no Confidence in the Conservative Party running the UK

Call for an immediate revote across the UK

Why is this important?

This is important to protect the lives of our societies most vulnerable like the elderly, disabled, homeless, hard working families not earning enough, people on zero hours contracts, students, people having benefits stopped, people victimised by cuts, people having to use food banks, whilst those with more than enough get tax cuts and get let off with tax evasion.

Reasons for signing

  • Simply because the corrupt Tories have to be stopped.
  • They are going to wreck the opportunities for future generations by taking us out of the EU.
  • They are inflicting their ideology on the moist vulnerable members of our society with devastating consequences.


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Thank you everyone who has signed this petition,We have gained more than 400 signitures in less than 24 hours ,Lets see if we can get millions but I cannot do it without your help ,So please share and sign you beautiful people :)

Mike x

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