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To: Jeremy Hunt

Accept the Lewisham hospital decision

Accept the Lewisham hospital decision

Now that the High Court has found that your decision to close Lewisham A&E, maternity and other NHS services was unlawful, please accept this ruling - don't waste our money trying to appeal it! Justice has been done - Lewisham should never have been cut to pay for problems in other Trusts. Please accept defeat graciously and let's all get on with making the NHS better, not trying to close it down.

Why is this important?

Appealing the decision would waste still more taxpayer cash which should be spent on making the NHS better. It would cause continued damaging uncertainty and anxiety for NHS staff and local people. The decision to close vital Lewisham services was completely flawed and has now been found unlawful. The government has already spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in a misguided attempt to close Lewisham hospital services. It should stop now, not throw good money after bad. If the High Court judgement were to be overturned, no hospital anywhere in the country would be safe from closure.

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Hunt hasn't decided whether to appeal yet - but he doesn't have long so please sign and share this petition today!
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