To: Chemical manufacturers

Add animal repellent to antifreeze and coolant

Add animal repellent to antifreeze and coolant

Add an additive that will repel animals away from it rather than attract them.

Why is this important?

I have lost two cats to antifreeze poisoning in a space of three months.
The violent reaction they both had to the chemical was horrific. Both lost their vision and went into shock causing them to suffer aggressive seizures. Antifreeze causes blindness. Within minutes all vital organs begin to shut down. This causes the most unimaginable suffering. The only humane option is to euthanise should an animal ingest antifreeze/coolant.
Please petition the relevant bodies so this needless suffering can be averted.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because some people don't realised just how toxic antifreeze is to animals, it is a killer of pets and wildlife. If you spill some outside make sure you clean the areas thoroughly to save pets and wildlife for mowing poisoned


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