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To: Lancashire County Council

Against Fracking at Great Altcar

Against Fracking at Great Altcar

We the undersigned urge Lancashire County Council to refuse planning consent to Aurora Energy Resources Ltd. for an exploratory wellsite on the Moss near Great Altcar for the purpose of Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) for shale gas.

Why is this important?

There is a surplus of gas available to the UK even without shale gas exploration and the UK can satisfy its energy requirements using offshore resources and renewables. Shale gas will undermine the country’s climate change obligations and harvesting the gas presents unacceptable risks to the environment and the health of local residents and will consume and contaminate freshwater resources.

Great Altcar, Liverpool

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Reasons for signing

  • We have to stop further fossil fuel exploration.
  • The Earth cannot afford humans to exploit any more fossil fuels.
  • It will have a very negative impact on Formby, there are significant risks of danger to the environment, wildlife, farming, to houses which are close to flood plain and known fault lines and the traffic on the Formby By Pass will increase impacting community, tourism, visitors and commuters. Air quality will be negatively impacted affecting and causing lung disease and asthma. Property prices and the attractiveness of the area as s place to live will also be negatively affected.


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