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Against Low Flying Snowdonia

Against Low Flying Snowdonia

Our aim is to ideally have a ban on low level manoeuvres in these areas - where that is not possible by those that say so we will press for either the flight corridor to be changed farther into the Arenig mountains over less populated zones away from the Rhydymain - Bala Lake areas - something which is simple to do or - as a last resort the flight corridors shall be raised so that no aircraft is permitted to fly over these areas below 1000 feet.

Why is this important?

To protect the environment, protect animals and livestock from the stress and pollution caused by these aircraft and to promote our area as a clean, peaceful place to visit - something it at present is not.

So we are trying to raise awareness to put a stop to the jets screaming overhead at VERY low levels in particular around the Rhydymain / Dolgellau / Bala Lake - areas which are known in MoD terms as the flight corridor/area of LFA7 / MACH loop.

They cause emotional stress to sheep and cattle in the region and have been known to cause animals to miscarry and lose their young during birth. This in turn causes a loss of income to the farmers who struggle to earn a living in our region.

They cause distress to locals and are a disaster waiting to happen with their highly dangerous ‘practice’ manoeuvres around the mountains, valleys and directly above our villages and have been recorded publicly well below their intended altitudes.

An initial amusement to tourists and visitors to our region who often ask how we put up with it and we answer that the RAF have simply ridden roughshod over locals for so long they think they can get away with it.

The aircraft noise depreciates the value of property as people often do not want to be treated to this level of noise pollution and rightly so. For the home owner it is a worry as the value of their house is on the decline as a direct result.

In short, local people feel that they have been treated as if to be part of an airshow for years and it is time for the gates to close now. We were promised that “...things would be better...” with the closure of RAE Llanbedr which is now in private hands. If anything it has made zero difference and most days it is much worse for us.

Join the campaign and help us make the area as peaceful to enjoy as it used to be.

How it will be delivered

We will likely email the petition - depends on the amount of support.

Snowdonia National Park, Gwynedd

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