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To: The UK Government

Arrest Tony Blair for war crimes

Arrest Tony Blair for war crimes

Tony Blair should be arrested for taking Britain to war on lie and causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people, including our own brave service men that gave their life for a lie.

Why is this important?

This important to restore justice and honesty in to British politics.

This petition has been started by a member of public and not 38 Degrees. If there's a campaign that you'd like to run why not start your own petition here:

Reasons for signing

  • For his war crimes
  • Cos he shouldn't have sent our soldiers in there.
  • He sent young soldiers to war without the necessary clothing and protective gear. Remember how his wife shed all her tears when their son was found out with two flats in Bristol when he was at University. Pity she didn't have the same duty of care for our young servicemen and women.


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