To: Plastic manufacturers & Supermarkets

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Stop supplying our water, drinks and foodstuffs in plastics

Why is this important?

WE KNOW that plastics are having a devastating effect on our seas - fish, mammals and filtering down to us humans, causing cancer's etc. WE KNOW that plastics are being ingested by birds and killing them. WE KNOW it's time for a change! WE KNOW!

Birmingham. United kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • If my milkman can collect bottles for re-use, why can't the rest of the suppliers of drinks in bottles? Paying a deposit on soft drinks and beer, etc. was normal when I was growing up. Let's make it normal again.
  • To get manufacturers and Supermarkets to STOP using Plastics. For US to stop buying our drinks and foodstuffs in plastic bottles and containers.


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