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Baffled by BAFTA: Equal recognition for female actors

For the BAFTA awards ceremony to better reflect gender equality and for female actors to be given the same kudos as male.

There's an easy solution, alternating annually between Leading Actor and Leading Actress as the final award presented. Or the Leading Actress as the final award for as many years as it's been the best male to address the discrepancy so far.

Why is this important?

After watching the awards ceremony last night, it struck me that it was not as reflective of our society as it could be, and conveyed a potentially misleading message to young women growing up in today's society.

With the pinnacle award of the night being the best Actor and the best female Actor always playing second fiddle - it really compounds the message that women are second rate in the acting stakes.


2016-07-11 19:27:56 +0100

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