To: Minister for Children Edward Timpson

Ban ear piercing for babies/toddlers

Ban ear piercing for babies/toddlers

Make it illegal for babies/toddlers to get their ears pierced. Set a minimum legal age requirement.

Why is this important?

It is a form of child cruelty. Severe pain and fear is inflicted upon infants unnecessarily. It serves no purpose other than to satisfy the parent's vanity. Other forms of physically harming children are illegal- this should be no different.

Reasons for signing

  • Because its a disgrace that parents are too narrowminded to realise that other people have needs too, like not being subjected to harm just because they find it cute. Young children are also a lot more likely to have allergic reactions since their immune system isn't fully developed yet. Some have even died of toxic shock syndrome.
  • It's absolutely disgusting, babies do not have a say in the matter.
  • It's nothing but vanity!


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