To: Scottish Government

Ban fracking in Scotland - NOW

Ban fracking in Scotland - NOW

The Scottish Government has a moratorium on fracking in Scotland. Why delay the decision to ban fracking when there is over whelming evidence showing negative environmental and health impacts? Lets send a clear message to the Scottish Government to ban fracking now.

Why is this important?

Fracking affects us all -

Scotland is beautiful, its our greatest asset and fracturing the earth to obtain natural gas will lead to multiple issues affecting peoples everyday lives.

Our water table is at risk, fracking involves drilling and injecting water, sand and chemicals hundreds of feet into the earth. This results in contamination of deep water sources.

Climate change, because fracking can seriously damage the water supply, then the whole cycle of water in the environment is affected, this may lead to drought increase.

Peoples Health is affected, methane gas in the air, chemical pollutants in the water. There are cancer concerns in areas where fracking has been prevalent.

Property affected negatively in fracking areas, insurance companies refusing to insure buildings. Smell of gas in the air. Noise of drilling especially in rural and semi rural areas, affecting quality of life for humans and animals alike.

Jobs promised - far fewer jobs than promised

Cheap gas - evidence suggests this is not the case

There are many more reasons, but let's stop it happening here. Let's stop big business and cronyism benefiting at our expense, stop them by-passing planning and environmental laws to suit their own ends. Stop them ruining our fantastic country.

Sign this petition and urge Scottish Government to ban fracking NOW.


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