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BBC - Don't sack Chris Packham.

BBC - Don't sack Chris Packham.

Keep Chris Packham in his role as a presenter at the BBC.

Why is this important?

Chris Packham is a much loved and respected naturalist and presenter, who campaigns for wildlife and conservation. The Countryside Alliance and other organisations are calling for the BBC to sack him, in other words silence him, for speaking out in his campaigns. We think his campaigns for wildlife are justified, as they are based on scientific evidence, and he keeps his campaigning and role at the BBC separate.

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Reasons for signing

  • Whatever are the BBC thinking about to even consider sacking such a well respected naturalist, after all, the licence fee is paid equally by everyone and not just the members of organizations such as the Countryside Alliance. Chris speaks out for the interests of the natural world which is in dire need of our nurture and support and long should he be allowed to. I so enjoy his Autumn watch and Springwatch programmes and he would be greatly missed if this travesty takes place.
  • he’s a well respected Naturalist and he should be allowed to express his views without fear of losing his Job.
  • Freedom of speech. Unless spreading hate, which he of course is not.


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