To: Kirkless Council

Create a Skatepark in Birkenshaw, Bradford

Create a Skatepark in Birkenshaw, Bradford

We would like the local council to agree and help create a skatepark in Birkenshaw.

Why is this important?

Creating an area for children that enjoy scooting and skateboarding, will encourge children in our local area to enjoy a hobby that involves exercise. Children really need a space for their hobby within Birkenshaw. Children in our area are having to travel to other areas to find skateparks to enjoy their hobby. I would like my own and other children playing out to remain in Birkenshaw for their own safety.

How it will be delivered

I will email our local MP with all the signatures and if the council will help, I will be organising fund raising to hopefully build the concrete skatepark.

Birkenshaw, Bradford

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Reasons for signing

  • Its my hobby
  • We need more places for the kids to play away from the main roads.