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Due to apparent cuts, in spring 2016 the 47 bus route travelling to Calverton through various rural villages were cut. We want Nottingham City Transport to reinstate the 47 bus route that travelled from Nottingham city center, through Mapperly, then to Lambley and then through Woodborough and through Calverton to Oxton.

Why is this important?

Because it allows transport to and from rural areas into the city center for those who perhaps have no other means of transport.
This is an important issue due to the fact that many school children who lived slightly out of catchment areas used this bus service to travel to and from school; now these children are forced to be up earlier to walk to a place where they can catch one of the school provided bus services.
People of an older generation who are unable to drive were able to use the old 47 service to travel to other villages or into the city, whereas now they have no other way of doing so without in some cases needing to pay taxi fares or relying on friends or relatives who drive.
In particular I find it rather disgusting that the Nottingham City Transport did not advertise the cuts to the 47 services enough - because my daughter who at the time was just 15 years old, got on the 47 bus from Lambley to go to a friends in Calverton was told to get off of the bus in Woodborough because this was where the route terminated now. My daughter was left stranded and was forced to get a taxi instead.
Overall this is an important matter because the points previously made.


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Reasons for signing

  • No services between the villages which have always been linked.
  • So I can get my nails done in maperly without having to catch 3 buses
  • i now have to pay more for my daughters school travel and she also has to get up earlier and walk a lot further to catch the school bus


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