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Bring Joey Home ❤️

Bring Joey Home ❤️

Sign this petition to bring my dog home who the police have seized purely for his looks. He's not dangerous or of any harm he's just a pup but been deemed a type

Why is this important?

This is joey, our 13 month old pup and he has now been seized after dog wardens picked him up classing him as a stray after he slipped his collar, the police are trying to intimidate us by telling us Joey will suffer 6 months in their kennels and other nasty things they said to which I got all on record. We will not sign him over and we will fight until we get him back. This is a support page for Myself Martina & Joey. Currently waiting to open a case with a professional Solicitors that deal with this.

Never thought this would ever happen as he’s such a kind loving puppy, my little sisters are as devastated as us.

This is happening too often and many dogs are being destroyed purely because of their looks and being deemed a dangerous dog. It's absolutely wrong in so many ways. We need to stand up for our dogs and beat this BLS

#SayNoToBls #ItsNotTheBreed #BringHomeJoeyBear

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  • Staffy owner
  • Signed because this is can they seize him when he's done nothing wrong??hope all ends up well for the poor lad.will keep fingers crossed for him x
  • My son knows this dog and loves him. Breaks my heart he is away from his family


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