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To: UK Government

Bring Putin before the UN

Bring Putin before the UN

If it is established that the use of a nerve agent in the attempted murder of the Russian ex-spy in Salisbury was carried out by agents of the Russian state, the UK government should propose a resolution in the UN condemning Russia's use of chemical warfare on the territory of another sovereign state and demanding that the Russian president appear before the UN General Assembly and explain his actions.

Why is this important?

The Russian use of chemical weapons on UK territory is an act of war. The reckless use of a highly toxic chemical in a public place exposed many innocent people to mortal danger and showed contempt for the rule of law, UK sovereignty and human rights. The UN was originally set up for the express purpose of preventing acts of war between member states. Any unilateral sanctions against Russia by the UK will not have the impact or the authority of an international resolution of all states reaffirming the international rule of law. In these times of increasing international insecurity, it's vital that all peace-loving nations come together in solidarity to condemn such actions by rogue states.


2022-03-05 10:59:37 +0000

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