To: UK Immigration

British Man's Wife Denied a UK Visa

Permit my wife of more than 10 years and the mother of our 3 British children to have a visa to come and live in the UK so our family can be together.

Why is this important?

We are a family of 5 people, 4 of us are British citizens. My wife in Venezuelan. The children are aged 8, 7 and 3 months. I live and work and pay taxes in the UK and my wife is being denied a UK visa for no reason. Our family is being destroyed by this ridiculous decision. My wife and children are currently in Venezuela while I am in the UK setting up a home and working so everything is ready for my family to come here. We have been separated for more than 10 months while waiting for the visa to be issued. We meet all of the visa requirements including my wife passing an English proficiency exam with the British Council in Venezuela and me being in full time employment earning more than the £18,600 wage threshold that is required by the British Government. Regardless of my stability in the UK, mine and our 3 children British nationality and citizenship the immigration department refused the visa and a Judge dismissed the appeal. The dismissal was based on my work situation but this is not a true or valid reason because I am in full time employment and earn more than the minimum wages required. There is no reason to deny my wife the visa yet she is being denied the visa. My children are suffering terribly by this unnecessary separation that has been enforced upon us by the British authorities. Their future is being taken from them by a decision that is wrong and is contradictory to the visa requirements. We meet every one of the requirements and we are still being denied the visa.

Cardiff, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • My husband is not British, My salary was too low. For 3 years my husband has had short visits to see our son. I now have a job that meets the Governments Financial Requirement. The visa fee has increased! You have to prepay 2.5 years of NHS for the spouse! The wait times for visa varies from 2 months to 10. As British subjects, we have less rights than those in UK from Europe. They can come here and work with their foreign spouses, while ours remain abroad separated from loved ones.
  • this man has met all the requirements of the british government and his wife is still denied to be with her husband.yet we allow isis terrorists to return to the UK,the government need to get their priorities right.
  • The Border Agency has no common sense or compassion; they are driven by targets for visa refusals


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