To: The Scottish Government

Build A Road From Fort William To Caol

We want you to build an alternative route from Fort William to Caol, Corpach and Banavie to ease the pressure of traffic through the bottleneck roundabout at the A82-A830 junction from Fort William to Mallaig and Inverness

Why is this important?

For four months, during the high season there are frequent two mile tailbacks with traffic crawling in first gear and when there are accidents - which are unfortunately way too frequent - the whole of Fort William grinds to a halt for hours on end. This is having a terrible effect on the local economy and on tourism. It could easily be rectified with the addition of an alternative route to Caol. If money can be found to build a second road bridge over the mighty Forth then surely money can be found to build a bridge over the humble River Lochy.


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Reasons for signing

  • Joined the queue at the golf club on a busy summer evening! Added an uncomfortable hour to my journey home while the traffic inched along.
  • Planners in the central belt fail to appreciate the lack of alternative routes in the Highlands. As the recent incident shows, when the single main route is closed, a whole area grinds to a halt.
  • 8 hours with A82 blocked and hundreds stranded. The ONLY alternative route? 40 miles by road round the lochs and a ferry crossing at Corran. Road/bridge link from An Aird to Caol would solve this - no need for a bypass.


2016-08-22 11:16:39 +0100

The Lochaber News and The Oban Times have said they are going to do a feature on this situation, especially in light of the fatal incident, in which a cyclist was killer by a lorry.

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