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To: Mayor Marvin Rees and Bristol City Council

Build Bristol Arena at Temple Meads not at Filton

Sign this petition if you believe that Temple Meads in Central Bristol is the best venue for a Bristol arena because it has excellent public transport links and its location is better for our local economy.

Despite its already strong music scene, we all know that Bristol's burgeoning growth means that it could do with an arena and deserves to be on the major touring list.

We know that it is prudent to consider other options such as the Brabazon Hangar but it simply doesn't make sense for the reasons highlighted further below.

This should be an arena location that offers as equal access as possible from across the city. The site will not be remembered by being associated with other mayors but for being delivered by someone in the right place.

Why is this important?

It makes sense to build at Temple Quarter ( Arena Island) because:

1.It is located next door to Bristol Temple Meads train station, the major transport hub in the region, set to grow its numbers over the coming years and in line for major development from GWR and Network Rail.
2.Local train stations and lines go directly to Temple Meads and visitors from outside the city can already easily travel from their towns, mitigating pollution and congestion.
3.Bus routes from all over the city already go to the area and the new metro bus lines will also enable quicker access to the site.
4.It is in a central position allowing many locals to either walk, cycle, or take public transport to the venue. Historically South Bristol is underserved by access to facilities, work and opportunities mainly located in North Bristol. The Arena Island would enable fairer access.
5.Other successful arenas are built in the centre of cities, don't have lots of car parking and work perfectly well.
6. We believe Buckingham group are ready to start work for a fixed price of £110 million, within the budget set by BCC.
7. The arena would further accelerate the economic development of the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, much needed.
8. The arena would be owned by Bristol City Council and profits can be put back in to fund local services.
9. Money has already been spent there - in 2007 £13 million had already been spent to purchase and clear the site. The total cost of the arena, £91 million, will be funded by the council which will provide £38 million and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership funding the remaining £53 million.
10. Identity - an arena building in the centre would become an iconic emblem adding to the city's reputation, feeding the city-scape and helping to bring more international recognition to our great city, a site next to South Glos would not have that same setting or impact.

It doesn't make sense to build at Brabazon Hangar in Filton because:

1. An arena at the Brabazon Hangar is car-centric, and given the current lack of travel alternatives, would go against the attempts of the city, local institutions, citizens, businesses and communities to create a more environmentally friendly city and would increase air pollution which is already at illegal levels.
2. It would create further gridlock for roads around Filton and the M4/5 unless significant transport developments are put in place, which would take many years to achieve.
3. Roads across the city will be gridlocked with thousands of people attempting to cross the city from the south, centre, west and east.
3. The likely economic benefits will be passed on to South Glos and surrounding areas in north Bristol, already bestowed with higher than average economic opportunities.
4.The Brabazon is already privately owned by YTL, a Malaysian group. How much of the profits will go back to Bristol's economy?
5. The location doesn't encourage overnight stay, 'the night time economy' or tourism as much as in the centre would. It doesn't have the enormous range of accommodation, eateries and other attractions on it's doorstep that the temple quarter site already has.

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