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To: Geoffery Cox MP and Peter Heaton-Jones MP

Build it in Britain, Type 31e Frigate vital to Appledore Shipbuilders Future

Please ensure that the new Type 31e Frigate warship is built in Britain, by British firms such as Babcock who run the Appledore Shipbuilders facility in Torridge. We call on you to ensure that the security of our nation and value for money for tax payers is maintained by building the new frigate class in Britain and that they employ people who are tax resident in Britain.

Why is this important?

The secruity of Britain relies on both a strong navy capability and a strong economy. To achieve a strong economy in Northern Devon we need to protect the jobs at Appledore Shipbuilders and continue to develop the high skills economy that is required for modern shipbuilding. The opening up of the competition to build the Type 31e to include overseas shipbuilders could lead to the diminishing of Britain's capability to provide for her own security needs. As a naval warship it is vital that we retain the skills needed to build and maintain the vessels within Britain, both during peace time and at times of conflict.

Torridge and North Devon

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2018-10-05 21:49:36 +0100

GMB and Unite have launched a campaign to help save jobs at the yard, please see the details and sign their petition

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