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To: Philip Davies MP

Call for Resignation of Philip Davies MP

We are calling for Philip Davies to resign as the Conservative MP for Shipley, on the grounds that his history of misogynistic comments and actions make him unable to represent the women in his constituency.

Why is this important?

Philip Davies, as the MP for Shipley you are responsible for representing the needs of thousands of women. As former residents of Shipley, we feel that you are unable to do this job due to your history of voting against equality legislation, making anti-feminist comments and attending conferences with known misogynists. We respectfully request that you resign from your position so that it can be taken by someone who values the interests of women and recognises the discrimination that they face on a daily basis.

You recently attended the International Conference on Men's Issues, which was organised by the Justice for Men and Boys group (J4MB). This group campaigns against gender equality initiatives, including the Gender Equality Act 2010, and hands out sexist 'awards' such as "whiny feminist of the month". Although you claim that you do not support this group, by speaking at this conference you have publicly demonstrated that, at the very least, you do not oppose its values.

In your speech, you expressed anti-feminist views by saying, “In this day and age the feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it”. This shows a hatred, or at least a misunderstanding, of the feminist movement and everything that it stands for. Feminism aims to attain equality between people of all genders, which you have actively worked to prevent by arguing against equality targets in the workplace and tabling a private member’s bill to repeal the Sex Discrimination Act 2002.

We believe that these actions and comments show that you are against gender equality, and therefore unfit to represent the women who live and work in your constituency. You have stated that you “don’t believe there’s an issue between men and women. The problem is being stirred up by those who can be described as militant feminists and the politically correct males who pander to this nonsense." This is despite the wealth of data and research that shows that women are paid less than men and are less likely to be promoted to a senior management role but far more likely to be sexually harassed or assaulted at work.

As you are unable or unwilling to acknowledge the existence of sexism in British society, we believe that you are consequently unable to defend and stand up for the women of your constituency. As an MP, you are required to act in the best interests of your constituents, but your misogynistic attitudes make you incapable of doing so. We therefore request that you remove yourself from parliament so that the people of Shipley can benefit from an MP who has all of their best interests at heart.

How it will be delivered

Depending on the response, we plan to email the petition or deliver it in person to Philip Davies' office in Shipley.


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2016-12-17 16:42:09 +0000

You can read Davies' full speech here (warning, it is incredibly long):

2016-12-17 16:41:05 +0000

We're back! Philip Davies has once again expressed his anti-feminist sentiments in a speech that aimed to filibuster a bill ratifying the Istanbul Convention. The bill aims to protect women and girls from male violence, but Davies refused to support it because it did not focus on violence against men. He claimed that violence against men was a much bigger problem and cited a series of misleading statistics to derail the debate. Despite his efforts, the bill was supported by a majority and by the government itself.

2016-11-19 19:26:22 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2016-08-19 17:40:16 +0100

Today Philip Davies responded to our petition on BBC Radio Leeds! You can listen to his comments at the link below, it's about 1 our 45 minutes in.

2016-08-15 13:15:50 +0100

500 signatures reached

2016-08-14 08:57:33 +0100

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