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To: Rt Hon Esther McVey MP and The Care Quality Commission and the public

Challenging the DBS system

Challenging the DBS system

Change the DBS application system-its current application system requires a five year address history-this excludes people who may have experienced being homeless and prevents them from getting back into employment in most areas. The completed DBS shows that someone has not committed a crime but they cannot get to this stage without an address history.

Why is this important?

The DBS system is designed to show if people have convictions. Being homeless is not a crime. Within the care sector we cannot employ people without a DBS. Being homeless prevents people from being able to obtain a police record check which will prove that they are not a criminal. being homeless could happen to ANY if us and is NOT a crime. There is currently around 11,000 care vacancies in this country right now. Legislation needs to be changed to be more inclusive.

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