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To: Michael Gove MP

Change the Law for Dog Theft in the UK

Change the Law for Dog Theft in the UK

We want justice, for those dogs and other pets cruelly taken from their families.
We want to lobby the government to clamp down, tighten up legislation and make the punishment for animal theft more severe.
We want to have our voices heard for those animals who don’t have a voice to be heard.
We do not believe or think that dogs are possessions or property, like a piece of furniture or car. Our dogs are a member of the family and if stolen can devastate a family, ripping its heart out.
When a Child is kidnapped the maximum penalty is life, for Domestic Burglary the maximum sentence is 14 years, for Aggravated Burglary the maximum sentence is life. The theft of a dog or dogs should be recognised as a separate law in its own right.
We want the theft of a dog or dogs to be recognised as a serious criminal offence. We want a law that designates pet theft as a specific punishable offence, that recognises pets for their status within the family (not as possessions) and with a suitable maximum sentence.

Why is this important?

Following the theft of Ivy, the five other cockers from the same area on the same night, the four stolen from a house in Weymouth, six dogs stolen in Harvington (2 yellow labs, a Patterdale, Jack Russell, a cocker spaniel and a collie), six cocker spaniels in New Mill Yorkshire and six cocker spaniels from Lepton, the more recent theft of Olive, who has fortunately been reunited with her family( video of their reunion can be seen by clicking in this link
and the many many other incidents of stolen dogs reported on a daily basis up and down the country, we are raising a petition to be presented to the UK Government, for the attention of Michael Gove MP.
The link below was an article about Dog Theft Statistics, published in June 2017, highlighting the statistics for 2014/16 theft-UK-stolen-statistics-Britain-police-figures
Justice for Ivy UK (Facebook Group) was born after the cruel and heartbreaking abduction, and subsequent abhorrent death, of beautiful Ivy, cocker spaniel, taken from her home in Devon in December 2017.
Incidents of all animal theft have increased at an alarming rate over the past few years, and we feel it is time that both the government and the police authorities take these incidents seriously, and treat our beloved pets as members of our families, and deal with them accordingly. All animals deserve a safe and happy life.
Justice for Ivy UK

Reasons for signing

  • Firstly the heartbreak worry and expense
  • dogs stolen are the same as people being kidnap
  • It’s disgusting why stealing of dogs is not the same as kidnapping humans


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