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Change the laws of next of kin status

Change the laws of next of kin status

Change the law so long term partner's have the same next of kin rights as married couples

Why is this important?

Until it happened to me I didn't realize after 28 years together the last 12 as my partners full time carer in that 12 years my partners family had no contact with us her mother then took legal advice to prove I wasn't legal next of kin.

People who had not even asked how she was or did we need any help for 12 years were her next of kin I had to fight for a portion of her ashes too from my hospital bed where I Was seriously ill with a life threatening illness.

As the law currently stands you have to be married or civil partners neither of which we could do because my partner had severe mental health issues,social anxiety syndrome and agoraphobia.

I know for a fact a lot of people are in the very same position I am even if you are classed as next of kin on their medical records it means nothing if they die.

Also if you split from your husband/wife and do not divorce they are still legally your next of kin and can demand all your possessions even if they were bought by someone else.Also you can end up homeless if the property is in the deceased persons name.

Please sign and share this because you never know what is around the corner

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because after losing my fiance I was classed as no one+his son+so called mum who he hated had the say in everything. I was pushed aside like i was nothing to him yet it was only me who was there for him through his tough times. I had no say in where he shud b buried or wether he wanted to b buried or cremated, left off his headstone, not allowed to put anything on his grave except flowers all because his mum who disowned him took over+decided to b in control


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