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Change the name of Latimer Road station to Grenfell

Change the name of Latimer Road station to Grenfell

Change the name of Latimer Road tube station to Grenfell in remembrance of the fire at Grenfell Tower, the lessons that must be learnt and the people who lost their lives.

Why is this important?

The fire at Grenfell tower saw a tragic loss of life, innocent people dying in the most horrific of circumstances. I propose that Latimer Road Underground Station should be renamed in honour of those that have suffered, and to the lessons we must take forward.

A permanent renaming would see future generations being aware of the history of the area. London has Monument station which is a testament to those that died in the great fire of London of 1666, an event that shook the city to its core.

The current name of Latimer Road is misleading. Latimer Road is located 5 minutes from where the station is, I therefore see no reason why such a change could not come about.

The shell Grenfell Tower is located 100m from the station, the train line passes by it . We should not try to block out the horrors but look forward and work together. Efforts are on going to safeguard our families at this time but we must be wise to our choices and make the world a safer place.

The renaming to Grenfell would give some permanence those that died in the fire.


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