To: Tynwald Isle of Man

Changing cannabis laws

Changing cannabis laws

Change our laws on growing/possession of cannabis, for medicinal and recreational, therapeutic and possession purposes.

Why is this important?

Cannabis has been proven to have huge medicinal benefits, for lots of chronic and terminal conditions. The health benefits should out weigh the draconian laws on the Isle of Man. Jersey are doing it, so we don't need permission from the UK. Like they have said we do. Please sign and lets not only try to change for medicinal purposes but for possession, the amount of money saved through prison, legal fee's police time, money and resources.

Isle of Man

Reasons for signing

  • Because everyone should smoke cannabis
  • Cannabis should be legal, helps a lot on stress.
  • Cannabis has been used as earth medicine, who are we to judge this flower? Weed is affecting less than alcohol and alcohol is legal and advertised wherever you go. Thats not fair


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