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To: All candidates for Prime Minister / Foreign Office Civil Servants

Chechnya - Asylum for Gay Community

Chechnya - Asylum for Gay Community

Issue a formal statement on behalf of the UK, declaring we are open to the persecuted gay community seeking asylum and offer foreign office assistance with UK aid funding to flee Chechnya.

Why is this important?

The UK does not currently have a sitting Parliament, however the lives of gay people in Chechnya are seriously threatened by the State, which is now encouraging their families to murder them to save the State a job.

This cannot wait for a new government to respond, Putin is doing and will do nothing. We must act now.

How it will be delivered

Once we have gained momentum and see a few thousand signatures, I will contact the leaders of the main political parties and their press representatives to start the process of comment and discussion in the press, hopefully this will lead to a quick commitment from one of the main parties and we build pressure from there.


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