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To: Bristol City Council/George Ferguson

City of Bristol TTIP Free

City of Bristol TTIP Free

Every city across Britain has the option to be involved with TTIP or not. Do you want Bristol to be TTIP free?

Why is this important?

You know when it's lunch time and you are walking down the street, wondering what to eat, and you stumble across either a McDonalds or a freshly made falafel from the market? What is your gut instinct? Which one do you choose?

Falafel, right...?

Because McDonalds is pumped full of pesticides, chemicals & toxins and NOBODY wants that inside their body... again, am I right?

Well luckily you had a choice here. You could have chose either the toxic waste or the delicious, freshly made, goodness. You had a choice.

Well the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) is taking away our freedom of choice. What this agreement means is that the standard of food quality in our supermarkets will degrade. Meat, Vegetables, Fruit - the essentials - will be GM'd, pumped full of chemicals & injected with antibiotics. The British Government want to lower its standard of food by creating an agreement with the US to implement their standards. So remember that choice between McDonalds and Falafel? Well, now it's tea time and you have no choice other than to eat McDonalds for dinner.

We want Bristol to be free from this hell, do you? If so, Stand Here for Change.


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