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To: Arke property

Clean up The development site opposite Asda

Clean up The development  site opposite Asda

Clean up the site opposite Asda and make it secure. Replace the boarding and make the area clean and attractive until the development is completed.

Why is this important?

This is a local residential area and is an eyesore. The area is on a main road leading in and out of Hayle an looks awful for both residents and visitors. Hayle relies heavily on attracting tourists and this distracts from the hard work put in by locals and local community groups such as Hayle in bloom who work hard to make the town look attractive. Now that the boarding is down the site is also open and is a health and safety hazard. Clean it up now!

Carnsew Road, Hayle

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Reasons for signing

  • As a frequent visitor to the area for the last 25+ years it saddens me to see neglect.
  • The site is an eyesore and detracts greatly from the image of Hayle for both visitors & residents. Would-be developers must have pride in our town.
  • Because I am a hayle girl and the area is just awful.... Even my kids say its an absolute mess


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