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To: Clearcast

Clearcast: Allow the Iceland orangutan advert

Allow Iceland to broadcast their Christmas ad which educates people about how the palm oil industry is destroying orangutan habitat. This is not political it is educational.

Why is this important?

Every year vast swathes of rainforest that supports orangutans as well as thousands of other species are decimated by the palm oil industry. Palm oil is a hidden ingredient in many common household products and only one company so far has said enough is enough and pledged to remove it from their own brand products. If they are successful other brands WILL follow suit.

People need to know the dangers and devastation that their eating habits are causing. The advert is not political it is 100% educational.

I do not work for Iceland, nor do I have any links to the company. I am however passionate about the survival of the planet and the fate other species who share it with us.


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